Can James read my mind?

The short answer is yes! Mentalism is a big part of his repertoire; this is the mindreading side of magic. Whether it is divining pin codes, star signs, or the name of someone you are thinking of, a big part of mentalism is extracting a thought from the mind.


Does that mean James is psychic?

No James doesn’t in anyway profess to be psychic or talk to the dead! But the techniques he uses in mentalism gives the impression that he is indeed psychic!


Does James travel for work?

James travels to where ever the work takes him. Living in Spain means he spends a lot of time on aeroplanes and in hotels, it is just part of the job!


I want to book James for an upcoming event, how much does he charge?

James doesn’t charge a flat fee for his performance, it fluctuates depending on factors such as the type of event, the number of people present, whether it’s a stage or strolling gig (or both) and travel requirements.

Please fill out the booking form and James will get back to you ASAP with a quote for your event.


How long is James’s virtual show?

James has two virtual shows. One is 30 minutes and the other is 45 minutes. They both feature magic, mindreading, illusion and psychology. They are fully interactive and highly engaging and a perfect addition to virtual events, family Zoom nights, Zoom meetings and more!


Is James’s magic family friendly?

Absolutely! Magic is a wonderful thing for children to experience! There are certain effects such as mindreading that are better done with children slightly older but James’s show both live and virtual are family friendly and fun for all ages.

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